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|          stephen lynch live in atlanta, ga          |
| i don't like that stephen lynch and his stupid song |
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mp3 sample sample song (nazi) in mp3 format - 6.8mb
flac audio mostly complete show in flac format - 584mb
flac md5 md5 checksum for flac zip - 4kb
song titles:
1.  craig
2.  wet hot show
3.  vanilla ice cream
4.  if you're a cracker 
5.  halloween song
6.  stew good stew
7.  sister
8.  brian regan shit
9.  gerbil
10.  called filler assholes
11.  special
12.  get it all out fuckers
13.  country love song
14.  called a chancer
15.  taxi
16.  car keys
17.  i have one nut
18.  spankin it
19.  oreo cookies
20.  mudslides and tgifridays
21.  but i'm not gay
22.  i have three
23.  superhero
24.  my name is satin
25.  girl with a husky voice
26.  i have herpes
27.  somebody walks out
28.  nazi
29.  vee ask zee queztuns
30.  big fat friend
31.  dumpster of a bistro
32.  homeless french guy
33.  first song i ever wrote
34.  whittlin man
35.  classic love song
36.  download the music illegally
37.  d and d

missing encore...sorry about that.

stephen lynch

live in atlanta, ga


at the variety playhouse


live content provider/content capture/content editor:

- source: giant squid omni's -> giant squid battbox -> sony mz-nh1 (pcm) -> usb 2.0 -> sonic stage v3.x -> 44.1/16 wav
- matrix: mic source -> audacity v1.2.3 (wav file split) -> adobe audition v1.5 (eq/dyncomp/amp)
- recorded from the floor (way down front), third row, dfc, mics on my shoulders at 18 inches apart
- encoded to flac using flac v1.1.2 with switches -8 --no-replay-gain

- no encore...sorry, ran out of tape.  blame me for not bringing two md's, or blame sony for not making them hold more than 1gb of data!  who knew a comedy show would last longer than a hour...
- i can't remember what's missing in the encore.  kill a kitten and some wedding singer song that he's going to be doing on broadway for sure.  oh and christopher walkin's voice saying something.  otherwise, this a complete recording.
- two girls showed their boobs during the show.  two or three times even.
- i recorded the show really loud since i knew it would turn out really quiet.  some of the laughing and clapping at the end/begin of a couple songs got amplified a bit too much in post and it warbles (only slightly, only slightly).  
but the songs came out fine.  i'm a unix guy, not an audio engineer.
- sounds good on loudspeakers, better with headphones.
- i totally made up most (all) of the song titles...they're prolly (they are) wrong.
also also wik:
- these files are freely distributed.
- do not buy or sell these files.  they have been watermarked so we will know...you ebay fucks.
- this nfo file is not to be separated from the audio files.
- in the famous words of reggie cunningham (http://www.themrmove.com/), "it's a free tape, so don't bitch."
- stephen lynch and the variety playhouse
- visit stephen lynch online
- support stephen lynch and buy his stuff

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